Investments are selected with a disciplined, research-intensive analytical process, in conjunction with a top-down macro approach.
The investment screening process involves the identification of future market drivers and current demand.

Once interest is established acm initiates a thorough but swift due diligence process. If all investment criteria for risk-adjusted returns are met, we will immediately proceed with a deal structuring proposal.

The deal structuring process focuses on proposing the most competitive deal in order to induce growth for both our targets and investors. ACM tailors its transactions on an investment by investment basis.
Soon after the transaction is closed we will begin our post-acquisition involvement.

The monitoring period includes but is not limited to : advisory & board participations, growth accelerating proposals, risk management & social impact monitoring.

Finally, the “exit” process, through a disposal to a strategic & synergic buyer, a company buyback or a sale on public markets.

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